• Publication date: December 5, 2011

His Best Friend is the Grim Reaper Human Target



A unique bodyguard masquerades as his clients in order to draw out and eliminate threats to their lives.

Christopher Chance Jr. was orphaned at a young age.  He inherited the name of his surrogate father, the Old Man, the head of an organization whose specialty is assassination.  Chance was immensely loyal to the Old Man, and quickly became the group's top mercenary.  Chance's close relationship with his surrogate dad, coupled with unquestionable skill, meant that he would surely inherit the Old Man's position after his death.

Junior had other plans however.  The organization accepted any client who could afford its renowned services, regardless of the requested assassination's cause or potential immorality.  Eventually Chance Jr. was overcome by his conscience, and decided to break away from the Old Man.  This was not an easy decision for him – and certainly not a safe one.  While they had an undeniable father-son relationship, the leader's ruthlessness and hatred of disloyalty angered Chance Sr. to the point of revenge.  Junior readily admits that the only person on earth he fears is the Old Man.

Alongside Detective Laverne Winston the runaway mercenary starts his own, completely legitimate company.  Their institution helps to protect those in need – though for a price.  Much to Winston's chagrin, however, his partner habitually accepts goods in exchange for services.  In the premiere episode a few bottles of expensive whisky and a ring compensate for numerous near death encounters.

Yet Chance does not need to stay in this line of work, and could easily retire – or at least take a break, as Winston repeatedly suggests.  Remaining in the limelight certainly does not help him avoid the Old Man.  It is soon apparent that the assassin enjoys looking down the barrel of a gun, and that facing death is a hobby for him – no different than collecting coins or baseball cards. 

Winston and Chance's client in the season opener is Stephanie Dobbs, the engineer of a high speed train that can travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a mere 3 hours.  After Dobbs' car is blown up it becomes clear that someone wants her dead.  Yet the train is set to debut in just one day, and the publicity surrounding it is enormous.  The engineer cannot just stay home in fear, especially with a group of big-time Japanese investors on their way.  Her solution is to hire Chance, who will literally serve as Dobbs' human bulletproof vest during the trip.From the opening credits onward viewers can expect nonstop action, rivaling even some of Hollywood's most expensive pics.  The Human Target was nominated for 3 separate Emmy Awards and its success has spawned a second season.


  • Mark Valley
  • Indira Varma
  • Chi McBride
  • Janet Montgomery