• Publication date: July 1, 2013

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3

Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0

Lots of action-packed chases, grisly murders in a backdrop of one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, Hawaii Five-0 promises breathtaking nature, adrenaline, and in season 3 the return of Steve McGarrett's presumed-dead mom...

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Duration: 60


currently not on air

Season 3 of Hawaii Five-0 promises more action, beautiful scenery, and crimes to solve, as the team pulls all the stops to make this season a special one.  One such surprise is the appearance of McGarett (Alex O'Loughlin)'s mother, who's death was the reason he joined the Navy Seals in the first place. Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti) is expected to be getting into some action of her own.

Not to mention the bromance between McGarrett and Williams (Scott Caan), it seems Williams is in for quite a clash with Ving Rhames of Mission Impossible. Question remains- how will it all come together in paradise?


  •          Alex O'Loughlin
  •          Scott Caan
  •          Daniel Dae Kim
  •          Grace Park
  •          Masi Oka
  •          Lauren German
  •          Christine Lahti