• Publication date: December 26, 2013

Driven - Season 4

MBC Action is proud to present an all-new season of the adrenaline-packed, spectacular car magazine show- Driven. In season 4, Francois Habchi, Abdo Feghali and Sultan Hamdi, return with all your favorite segments, plus a whole new bag of tricks- from super cars, celebrity guests to latest gear, Driven promises to thrill, amaze, and teach you a thing or two!

  • Publication date: December 26, 2013

Driven - Season 4

In Season 4 of Driven, expect to be blown away by Francois Habchi, Abdo Feghali and Sultan Hamdi as they take you on a variety of automotive adventures with each new episode. From muscle cars, to suped-up rides, to how to pimp your own ride while learning from the best, Driven is packed with enough octane and nitro to have your heart racing for the show's duration.

Francois, known to be the brains behind the trio with his extensive knowledge of car history and specs, Francois will represent our automotive encyclopedia.

Sultan, on the other hand, is all about action. His passion for cars started at age 6 and has only grown since. Expect him to leave a few in his dust.

Winner of the Lebanese Rally title in 2004-06, the lovable, car-crazy Abdo Feghali’s nitro-packed humor and talent, complete the perfect balance to the most-popular, all-round leading car show in the region.

Along with your favorite super-cars and celebrities, stay tuned for all-new amazing segments, such as: ‘Drift 2.0’ with a new track, obstacles and your favorite celebrities.

‘Hot Lap’, the evolution of the celebrity drift, sees Abdo guiding the celebrities through the track to clock the fastest time and discuss techniques, as we reveal on our board who the fastest celebs are.

‘Driven Extreme’, sees Abdo trying to break more records besides the Guinness World record for Longest Drift, working his way through a bucket list of record attempts. Cheer him on, on our social platforms and witness history in the making, as impossible becomes nothing if you put your mind and will to it.

You also have a chance to win some awesome prizes in our ‘Guess the Car’ segment by submitting your answers to actionha.net/driven.

Whether engines and cars are your thing or not, be prepared for some major entertainment when Driven revs its engines with this new season...

Hosted by:

  •          Francois Habchi
  •          Abdo Feghali
  •          Sultan Hamdi

Produced by: MBC Action