• Publication date: September 6, 2014

Cop Out

Two NYPD partner, track a rare stolen baseball card, only to be faced with a ruthless, memorabilia-obsessed, violent gangster

  • Publication date: September 6, 2014

Cop Out

Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 2010

MBC 2:

January 15, 2017 02:45 (KSA) ~ January 15, 2017 01:45 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Cop Out, directed by Kevin Smith, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two NYPD cops, and long time partners. The story revolves around their quest to retrieve a stolen, mint-condition, and very rare baseball card, belonging to Jimmy (Bruce Willis). Who was intending on selling it, to use the money on his daughters wedding. However the leads will take them face to face, against a ruthless gangster, with a penchant to memorabilia and all things Vintage. Meanwhile, Paul (Tracy Morgan), is having some trouble at home, suspecting his beautiful wife is cheating on him.

An avalanche of funny situations and wit, inter-cut with fast passed action sequences, bullet battles and car chases, to make this an over the top enjoyable watch.


  • Bruce Willis as Detective James "Jimmy" Monroe
  • Tracy Morgan as Detective Paul Hodges
  • Kevin Pollak as Hunsaker
  • Seann William Scott as Dave
  • Sean Cullen as Captain Jack Romans
  • Jason Lee as Roy
  • Rashida Jones as Debbie Hodges
  • Adam Brody as Barry Mangold
  • Guillermo Diaz as Poh Boy
  • Cory Fernandez as Juan Diaz
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Ava Monroe
  • Ana de la Reguera as Gabriela
  • Jim Norton as George
  • Fred Armisen as Russian Lawyer 

Directed by: Kevin Smith

Rating: R