• Publication date: November 29, 2011

Driven A Dose Of High Adrenaline


Every Sunday, at 20:00 GMT, 23:00 KSA

Driven is dedicated to meet and satisfy the insatiable appetite of diehard car enthusiasts. Focusing on all the elements of pimped cars, speed and action.

(Driven: Car lovers prepare for a second season ) The show also highlights the lifestyle appeal that goes with car culture such as fashion, gear, gadgets and music. It also contains segments that offer news, commentaries and opinions on the latest, hottest, greenest and fastest vehicles in the market .

Driven's second season reveals a new world of cars with a special surprise appearance by a celebrity each episode who will reveal the secrets of each car.

Hosted by Raed Abu Znadh and Mullah Hassan with next month's rally driver Abdo Feghali, in this season the Driven team showcase the new 2012 Nissan GT-R and reveal the basic features that make it such a special car, especially its multiple performance.

The team offer tons of valuable information on cars as well as testing the cars in the rally circuit to show the public the advantages and disadvantages of the car.

They test run super sports cars on the circuit,the newest and best technically in the Middle East and from Dubai introduce us to a new world of cars.

Most notably is the Chevrolet Sonic, an economy car, which they describe the design and the latest features that make it a real competitor to the other cars.