• Publication date: January 20, 2015

Which projects won in MBC Al Amal “Doing Good” Competition 2014?

MBC Al Amal “Doing Good” Competition 2014 ceremony

MBC Al Amal “Doing Good” Competition 2014 ceremony

MBC Hope’s second annual “Doing Good” competition award ceremony has been held in Dubai; the awards were distributed under four specific categories: “Humanitarian Issues”

MBC Hope’s second annual “Doing Good” competition award ceremony has been held in Dubai; the awards were distributed under four specific categories: “Humanitarian Issues”; “Social Entrepreneurship & Start-Up"; “Innovation & Creativity”; and “Energy & Environment”.

Get to know more about the projects that won the first places during the Second annual “Doing Good” competition award ceremony.

1/ Humanitarian Causes

This category is headed by Dr.  Moez El  Shohdi , CEO and Co-founder of the Egyptian Food Bank. 

Project Name: Al Wataneya for Orphans’ Services

Country:  Egypt

This project is aiming to elevate the standards of centers, associations, and organizations working with orphans in Egypt. There are 1.7 million orphans in Egypt and this project has started things such as capacity building and training for anyone and everyone who works directly with orphans such as social workers, counselors, teachers, foster parents, and so forth. In addition, the project aims for advocacy for changing and modifying the laws and regulations which govern such institutions for better protection of orphaned children and the Empowerment of orphaned children to have access to education, wellbeing, and good living standards in order to secure their future and insure their becoming positive and productive members of society.


"Humanitarian Causes" winners in "Doing Good" competition

2/ Entrepreneurship & Start Ups

This category is headed by Mrs. Soraya Salti, CEO of INJAZ Al-Arab

Project Name: Crowd Funding Weight Loss on line Platform

Country: Saudi & Jordan

This project is one that aims to develop a unique and innovative crowdsourcing platform for weight loss in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World. Crowdsourcing is “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers”. The project is trying to harness the “wisdom of crowds” to help develop a tailored weight-loss solution for people to achieve their weight loss goals, by bringing a team of nutritionists, behaviorists, and fitness experts, or ordinary people with weight loss experience to work with them. Specifically, the target is overweight or obese individuals with unsuccessful experience to lose weight, and this platform is built around the concepts of patient empowerment which allows the client to choose from a list of experienced weight loss experts.



"Entrepreneurship & Start Ups" winners in "Doing Good" competition

3/ Talent & Innovation

This category is headed by Mr. Oussama Al Rifahi: The Executive Director of The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (“AFAC”).

Project Name: ‘A Folktale of Palestine’ documentary

Country:  Lebanon & Palestine

‘A Folktale of Palestine’ is a journey in search of love stories set against the tumultuous changes of early 20th century Palestine. It is a film about love that transcends borders despite the geographic and social divisions that unfold. The film features the unusual or taboo love stories and the bonds they create across generations, across geographies. It depicts Palestine before the Nakba of 1948. The film engages with a time and place when borders weren’t as defined and rigid. The creators allow us to imagine the possibilities that could have been that can still be. These love stories, however bitter or sweet they may be, in the passing down and re-telling connect us to the historical and social forces at play and how people fight against injustice, find love and belonging. The film is a folktale between reality and the imagination, meshing real stories and archival material with animation, shadow puppetry and song.


"Talent & Innovation" winners in "Doing Good" competition

4/ Environment & Energy

1.This category is headed by Dr. Majdah Aburas A member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Executive Director for The Saudi Environmental Society & Assistant Professor in the Microbiology and Biotechnology Department at King Abdulaziz University (KAU).


"Environment & Energy" winners in "Doing Good" competition

Project Name: Dawayer Studio

Country:  Egypt

Dawayer Design Studio project is the first design studio in Egypt who cares about turning the agricultural wastes into raw materials, as well as, make designs/products from them. The project focuses on how to get alternative material for wood using rice straw, sugar cane and cotton stalks wastes. Using simple techniques, combining different materials and reflection of the Arabic identity are some of the goals they want to achieve throughout contemporary designs. Dawayer aims to decrease pollution from burning rice straw and other crops and also offers vocational trainings for underprivileged youth.