Employee Engagement Program
At MBC, we see hope everywhere. It is now time for our MBC family to help us spread the hope further. Employees of MBC will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand together and become actively involved in volunteer programs and charity activities. They will be the representatives of MBC Hope by becoming involved across three categories:
  • Education - We encourage and support our wealth of internal talent to be active in helping us empower Arab youth, by taking part in and leading workshops and edutainment activities in schools and universities.
  • Sport - Get a team together and join in ‘Sports for a Cause’, a healthy and fun way to raise funds for charities across the region.
  • Environment – Lend a helping hand with your fellow workmates to reduce our carbon footprint, with a series of activities throughout the year. Take part in the ‘How green are you?’ quiz, enter your floor in the ‘Ready Recycle’ competition, and submit your enviro-friendly tip of the week.