Shahid.net was re-launched in July 2011, as the first free “video-on-demand” and catch-up website in the region. It is the first website of its kind to provide series, programs, cartoons, and documentaries from the content of MBC channels as well as other Arabic TV content. Launched with over 200 titles, the website offers prime time show programming, twenty six of which are new releases, and cover almost every genre, from comedy, to drama and religion.
The revamped website includes new features and has an interface that is more user-friendly, while it enables the audience to watch TV content that they want; wherever and whenever; it is not limited to a specific content mix or channel, and includes the biggest TV content library in the region. Up until the end of 2011, Shahid.net traffic rose to 1.1 million visits by 0.4 million unique visitor and 3.8 million page views.