About MBC Bollywood

MBC Bollywood is the latest channel added to MBC Group’s bouquet of 14 channels on the 26th of October 2013. The new channel delivers a fresh approach to Bollywood like you’ve never seen before, by offering the region a combination of the freshest Bollywood content along with culturally relevant daily drama series and premium celebrity magazine shows from the Indian subcontinent. The content has been made relevant to the region via an Arabised interface (mostly dubbed into Syrian), and an attitude that is young, fresh and glamorous….and therefore Bollywood 2.0!

Both entertainment seekers and drama lovers tune into our unique new wave of Bollywood content that offers fresh, modern and contemporary Bollywood movies with a high dose of cultural and social relevance, as the channel movies & series have all been cherry-picked for originality, significance and relevance to our Arab audiences.

The channel aims to bring to the region the new era of Bollywood that boasts of high end production value, contemporary themes and modern settings. With this said, the main themed nights include:
“Premier Movie Night” with 1st time Bollywood movies on Arab TV; “Star of the month” showcasing Bollywood’s biggest icons; “New Age Bollywood” with movies that breaks the cliché Bollywood formula; “Bollywood Action Nights” offering a thrilling Bollywood experience that will have you at the edge of your seat; and “Romance Nights” where the soulful music and serene settings will formulate the romantic week night.