• Publication date: December 19, 2011


ALBAIK, Saudi Arabia’s favourite chicken and seafood restaurant chain, has enlisted the support of the MBC media group as co-sponsors of the Nazeeh & Wartan anti-littering campaign.

ALBAIK, Saudi Arabia’s favourite chicken and seafood restaurant chain, has enlisted the support of the MBC media group as co-sponsors of the Nazeeh & Wartan anti-littering campaign.

“We are very pleased that MBC is partnering with us in our efforts to keep our beautiful city clean and free from unsightly litter,” said Eng. Rami Abu Ghazaleh, CEO of ALBAIK Food Systems. “As an influential communications network they are ideally suited to support Nazeeh & Wartan by broadcasting their environmental awareness messages to the widest possible audience.”

MBC is participating in ALBAIK’s campaign by giving Nazeeh & Wartan an increased number of advertising slots to deliver their anti-littering messages and is also joining the popular duo in various campaign events and activities.

“The anti-littering campaign is especially relevant this year since Ramadan comes at the height of the summer season and there will be tens of thousands of people enjoying night time snacks and picnics outdoors, especially along the Corniche,” added Eng. Rami.

Nazeeh & Wartan have become favorite characters, appealing to children and adults alike, and are very effective in persuading people to dispose of left-over food and other types of litter in the proper places provided by the municipality.

For the Jeddah Summer Festival 2009, Nazeeh & Wartan are promoting their message of caring for the environment with activities such as competitions, while to widen the campaign’s appeal to youth, ALBAIK is sponsoring a Nazeeh & Wartan branded football tournament, where the spectators are entitled to enter raffle draws for attractive prizes.

A special feature of this year’s anti-littering campaign is the participation of the ‘Clean Environment Team Volunteers’ made up of members from the Friends of Jeddah (part of the Jeddah Municipality Development programs) and Youth Teams from WAMY (part of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth programs).

The 100 volunteers will be present at designated locations on the Jeddah Corniche to encourage citizens to dispose of litter in a socially responsible way and share updates about campaign activities. In addition, the team of volunteers will hand out Nazeeh & Wartan booklets and pins to children.

Furthermore, the Nazeeh & Wartan fun booklet will be distributed from August 31 till September 25 in all ALBAIK restaurant outlets and children who complete the “10 Ways To Be Responsible” section will receive giveaways and have their photographs taken for display in the restaurants for being qualified as friends of the environment. At the end of the campaign the photographs will be transferred to banners and displayed on the Corniche.

The free booklets also contain instructions on how to make a kite out of recyclable material and paper Mache arts and crafts.

In previous years ALBAIK included the Nazeeh & Wartan campaign as part of the “Clean Up the World" campaign, a global effort supported by the United Nations Environment Program with the participation of 40 million volunteers from 120 countries and involving community groups, schools, government departments, enterprises and institutions and in a series of environmental activities and programs.

Enhancing its leadership role in the Kingdom’s private sector, ALBAIK serves the communities in which it operates through its policy of corporate social responsibility and is especially well regarded for its innovative educational programs which are designed as entertaining ways to further develop the minds and creativity of the sons and daughters of the Kingdom.