• Publication date: October 27, 2013

MBC Bollywood launched officially through an enchanting Indian performance that swept the audience and AGT judges off their feet

MBC Bollywood Launch During AGT S3

MBC Bollywood Launch During AGT S3

The first live episode of the Arab world’s number 1 talent show, Arabs Got Talent in its 3rd Season, kicked off in an exhilarating night that witnessed eight of the most talented acts on MBC4 and MBC MASR.

The first live episode of the Arab world’s number 1 talent show, Arabs Got Talent in its 3rd Season, kicked off in an exhilarating night that witnessed eight of the most talented acts on MBC4 and MBC MASR. 

 A total of 8 exceptional acts put their best show on stage in front of the AGT Jury and millions of viewers hoping to qualify to the finals. However, only 1 act, “The Sheyyab” group from Kuwait acquired the most audience and viewers’ votes at the end of the evening and was automatically qualified to the finals. Moreover, all four members of the jury unanimously agreed to choose “Mohamed AlDiri” from Palestine to qualify to the finals, based on his exceptional wall carving act which resulted in a beautiful piece of art, dedicated to the memory of the late legendary Lebanese singer, Wadih Al Safi. At the end, the show witnessed 2 acts going through to the finals, and the other 6 leaving back home, but only to start their exceptional talent journey after AGT.

 However, the biggest surprise of the evening was the official launch of the all-new MBC Bollywood Channel through a dazzling performance of one of India’s most loved and multi-talented actresses “Karina Kapoor” and supported by her artistic group of dancers. Karina performed a marvelous work of art, rich in Indian culture, and included only the best in dance and theatrical performance. It is worth noting that MBC Bollywood is the 14th Channel to be added to MBC Group’s rich bouquet of channels.

AGT S3 Jury & Mazen Hayek Press Conf

AGT S3 Jury & Mazen Hayek Press Conf

 Proceedings of the Press Conference:

 Following the first LIVE episode of Arabs Got Talent, MBC Group held a press conference to announce the names of the finalists and was attended by all 4 members of the Jury, Ali Jaber, Najwa Karam, Nasser Al Qasabi and Ahmed Helmi; in addition to Mazen Hayek, MBC Groups’ official spokesperson.

Commenting on the official launch of the new channel, Mazen said, “MBC Bollywood bears all “Bollywood” features in all aspects of its glitz and glamour. The Channel promises to dazzle the hearts of every Arab family through its wide and rich array of the biggest Asian and Indian Cinematic and TV productions which will be subtitled and dubbed into Arabic. Moreover, the Channel will also be home to a variety of shows focusing on the lives of all Bollywood actors and actresses and will also feature the biggest Indian, Regional and Global Film Festivals.

In conclusion, Hayek said, “Through the extensive and rich content that MBC Bollywood will offer, we are hoping to cater to the needs of all our young and vibrant audience, while also offering the best in Bollywood entertainment to the entire Arab family in general”.

 On a different note and commenting on Arabs Got Talent, Najwa Karam emphasized that the sole purpose of the show is to unveil exceptional hidden talents in the Arab World. Unfortunately, not all the acts will have their share of stardom, as only the audience has the power to qualify the acts they believe

 have potential to succeed in the future. Najwa also added that while the audience is a key factor to their success, there are other aspects that come to play as well, such as: God’s will, Charisma, Personal development and infinite ambition. Najwa also requested the audience to vote for the best talent they believe in, instead of focusing only on the identity of the participants or the country they are representing.  In conclusion, and in response to the results of the first LIVE episode, Najwa expressed her fascination of Mohamed AlDiri’s talent which granted him her vote, while also believing that the audience’s decision in qualifying Al Sheyyab group to the finals was definitely a right one.

 From his side, Nasser Al Qasabi emphasized his support of all the talents in the show, and sympathized greatly along with the other 3 members of the jury over the death of the child, Mohamed AlSherif who had participated in the early phases of the show. Al Qasabi also mentioned his ongoing support of the different talents from the previous Season of the show, indicating his willingness to invite any of the outstanding talents to participate with him on any of his upcoming work.

 In his opinion, Ali Jaber described the launch of MBC Bollywood as a significant step by MBC Group to further cater to the various needs of its audience and viewers across the region. Ali also wished all the finalists of Arabs Got Talent the best for the next round, emphasizing the importance of a proper selection process, while thanking his fellow jury members for their cooperation and synchrony in choosing the best talents there are in the region.

 And finally, Ahmed Helmi concluded the press conference by confirming the opportunity to utilize some of the best talents in the show and allowing them to participate in the biggest Cinematic and entertainment work he has lined up for the future. He also expressed his content and happiness towards his decision to participate in this season of Arabs Got Talent, mentioning that his audience is now able to see his true personality, and not one of his movie roles. And he further promised to return once again to the program in the next season, by adding jokingly:  ... provided that there is more money!